Sumbanese ways to greet by kissing nose to nose

Traditional Villages

Sumbanese house is characterized with its high-pitched central peak in its roof and strong connection with the spirits or Marapu. It's easy to find traditional villages in Sumba. until today,houses in Sumba are not only the heritage. People still exist staying in traditional house. Based on their tradition, houses are really important for life, not only for living but houses symbolize a strong philosophy of life.

Wooden houses are built based on Marapu cosmology and have three levels. People use reed/tall wild grass for the roof. Underneath is the place of the animals, the main central part is for humans, and the tall roof is for the gods and ancestral sprits — often ancestral artefacts are stored here. The higher the roof, the closer one is to God. The roof itself is a representation of the female/male duality, the peak being male, and the outer shape, female.

Basically houses in Sumba are square. Inside there are four main pillars, each topped with a series of platforms, a place for offerings, and together representations of women and men. Pillars are usually carved symbolically and each pillar represents the spirit of its own ancestors. In the center of the pillars is the cooking fire.


Sumba is the largest savanna in eastern of Indonesia. There are a lot of interesting spots to enjoy a very beautiful expanse of savanna. Many animals are free here such as horses, cows, buffaloes.


Sumba is an island located in the southern part of Indonesia. Sumbanese still follow Marapu, their traditional religion until today. The social life of people in Sumba strongly influenced by Marapu although those who have embraced the modern religion.

Sumba Island has an area of 11,153 km². And the population was more or less 800.000. Everywhere in Sumba you will see horses, cattle, buffaloes, pigs, and chicken. In some places of west Sumba you will find large plantation of cashew, coffee, vanilla, coconut, and cocoa.

Textile in Sumba elaborate the expression of the culture. Weavers combine animals, plants, and jewelry with geometric patterns and ethnographic symbolism. The patterns on the textiles was the basis of very complicated literacy , and then it became the foundation of norms and ethics. For the western eyes, the forms are fantastic and artistic.


Sumba island is now becoming one of the favorite tourism destination for domestic and international travelers. Sumba is now easier to visit. We only need one hour flight from Bali. We have two airport in the east and southwest.

Many places are very interesting to visit. Tourism in Sumba is a strong integration between the rich of culture and the beauty of nature. That's why Sumba has its own characteristics and unique.

When we visit traditional villages, we will find houses are very natural. We can interact with the people who live there and know more closely the way of their life is still traditionally.

There are many traditional ceremony and festival. Such as funerals, pulling the megalithic tomb stone, and housing construction. Don't miss the smile of the girls while they are dancing. Pasola festival is the main attraction in February and March.

Pasola is a battle between two groups of horsemen. The men will throw a spear at the opponent when the horse is running fast. This is a big festival held in nine different places.

Make sure you also visit the beautiful beaches. Almost all the beaches in Sumba is white sand. For example Mananga Aba, Marosi, Oro, Watu Maladong, Bwanna, Karewei, Dassang, Puru Kambera, Walakiri, Tarimbang, etc. Not many people go to the beach, so you can enjoy its perfection.

Many Waterfalls in Sumba is located in the middle of a National Park. Coming to the waterfalls can be an unforgettable trekking experience. Some of them are Matayangu, Lapopu, Lokomboro, Laputi, Palindi Tana Bara, and Pabeti Lakera.

The favorite one is Weekuri Saltlake. A lagoon with the fresh and very clean water. You can swim, or you can do snorkeling. The water comes from the sea blocking by the rocks. The view from the top is amazing.