Manola is about 30 kilometers from Tambolaka, the capital of Southwest Sumba. Like most traditional hamlets in this region, Manola is surrounded by fence of rocks and trees.

 The Sumbanese house is largely a timber and bamboo constructions, bamboo being more used on the western side of Sumba Island than on the east. Big trees trunks constitute the four principal house posts and other load bearing elements. Walls are made from bamboos. also Whole bamboo culms constitute the floor. The roof is made of a dense thatch of alang-alang grass.

 The house is consist of three floors. Bottom parts for keeping the animals like buffalos, horses and pigs. People stay on the second floor. Where the third floor to store food supplies and seeds

 It is a Common practice where the yards of local houses are full of gravestones and megaliths. Local resident believed that the dead continued to maintain ties with their relatives in the world, meaning that the living had to be able to see the graves of their ancestors and greet the dead.

 Like many small traditional hamlets in Sumba, Manola has no written historical records. Locals believe that their ancestors have been there for centuries.

Manola Traditional Village