Day 1 in Sumba

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Let the adventure begin!

Your driver-tour guide will pick you up at your arrival airport, Tambolaka (TMC) and head to Manola Traditional Village. This village located on the top of hill. People who stay there are hospitable and nice. They do their daily life traditionally.
From Manola, We continue to Mananga Aba Beach to see the sunset.
Check in at the hotel and have dinner at the Restaurant.

Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel. Time to explorre Kodi area.  Experience the beauty of Weekuri Lagoon. A lagoon with the fresh water. Feel free to swim here.  Its blue clear water comes from the sea blocking by the rocks. The view from the cliff top is amazing.
Lunch box at Mandorak Beach. Mandorak is a small white sand beach, with the reef cliff on both sides, facing one and another. It’s nice to look around along the coastline from here.
Ratenggaro Village and Beach will be the next destination. Houses in Ratenggaro have the highest rooftop in the island. The village also close to the Indian Ocean.
Continue to Bwanna Beach, one of the best beach in Sumba. The famous thing about this beach is the giant rock with hole. You need an extra effort trekking down to reach the beach. The access is quite hard and rough.
Back to Tambolaka to have dinner.

You head out to Lapopu Waterfall. Bathing, swimming, and capturing photos of the scenic waterfall are among the most popular tourist attractions.
Having packed lunch while enjoy the waterfall.
One hour from Lapopu there are two beaches you may enjoy. They are Karewei and Watubela. Karewei have a wonderfull view from the top. Whereas Watubela looks like a small bay. Its coastal formed from unique limestone fractures.
We go driving to Waingapu, Capital of East Sumba for 3 hours. Check in Hotel and have dinner.

Another day, another waterfall. You can spend your 4th in Sumba by traveling to Waimarang Waterfall. This waterfall has a natural pool of clear blue water. And rock cliffs surround the pool so that is confined and protected by the the rocks. Trees grow around this waterfall. We can swim or soak in this place while enjoying the beautiful scenery around the waterfall.
You will visit Rende Traditional Village. In this village we will find many traditional houses that have full of culture story. In front of houses, peoples build Megalithic Tobstones where they buried their kings.
From Rende, We go to Walakiri Beach. We will see some unique pygmy mangroves, a perfectly sandy bottom for walking and lines of coconut trees giving shelter. This beach is one of the paradisiacal place to be at sunset. Dinner and back to Hotel

This is your last day in Sumba. Enjoy breakfast at the hotel and check-out from hotel. It’s time to say good bye. We will pick you up to Waingapu Airport (WGP). On the way to airport you can stop in some place to buy souvenir or merchandise.
If you still have time, experiencing Hills of Wairinding, 30 minutes from Waingapu. Capturing the beautiful scenery of the hundreds of hills that lined up neatly. This place became famous for being used as filming, The Golden Cane Warrior.
Hopefully we will see you next time.

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