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Sumba is an island in the southern part of Indonesia. Sumba is now becoming a favorite destination for the international and domestic travelers.

Many places are very interesting to visit. Tourism in Sumba is a strong integration between the rich of culture
and the beauty of nature. That's why Sumba has its own characteristics and unique.

Sumba surely is unknown, but also very beautiful and friendly people. Many places are very remote and difficult to access and accomodations can be very simple, but all these efforts are rewarded with the most stunning views.Thanks

tour-sumba.com for letting us

discover your truly beautiful island

- Paul Van Der Maele / Belgium

It seems like a dream had a holiday to Sumba. My friends always ask me: 'why did you choose Sumba, is there something in there?’ That questions only need to be answered with a smile. You have to see for yourself the uniqueness of Sumba that glows through nature, tradition, the people, and also their dedication to preserve the culture of this country. Then feel the love that is so vivid, simple and beautiful

- Maureen Rustandi / Jakarta




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